Learning to be Giant.


I will be graduating in December 2016. Currently available for full time job. If you are interested, please see my resume and shoot me an email.

Spring 16' @ Carnegie Mellon University

My name is Zhihao Li (Chinese: 李志浩, Pronunciation: G-How Lee). I am a student in Master of Science in Computer Science program at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), one of the most competitive programs (<5% admission rate!). Before that, I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from Tongji University, China.

I enjoy challenges and trying new things. I am passionate to explore the potential of Artificial Intelligence, especially in the realm of Computer Vision and Machine Learning. I am also interested in understanding how human perceive and understand the world. I am currently a graduate research assistant at LEELAB and a student member of MICrONS project. During the undergraduate years, I did researches in computational vision and the concerning applications at iLab@Tongji.

Meanwhile, as a software engineer, I do all kinds of programming/coding, from web front-end, iOS Apps to database and robot platforms. For more, please see my resume.

Why this blog

This blog is a summary of my learning process. It also serves the purpose of helping people with similar issues as I had. I wish this blog could witness every step I take towards becoming a giant, and help many others to grow and make progress with me.


Fall 13' @ Tongji SSE Orientation Gala


TAC stands for Tongji Apple Club. This is an amazing student developer organisation. As a key member, I was involved into many projects’ planning and development. Being able to work with those talented and brilliant guys is the luckiest thing ever.

Art of Public Speaking and Langsong

At a very young age, I worked at QTV(Qingdao Television Station) as a Kids Channel host. In college, I hosted several major celebrations. Meanwhile, I am the champion of Praise China Langsong Contest.


Besides coding, I am a freelance writer and blogger, being featured on the front page of Baidu Space for several times, and often invited to write for magazines.