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Website Upgrade


During the past week, I made some upgrade to this website:

  1. Website currently is Jekyll 3 ready. During hte past several months, the website cannot be updated since Github Pages migrated from Jekyll 2 to Jekyll 3, and the website had some configurations that are not compatible with Jekyll 3.
  2. Stylesheets are refactored to Sass. The original Lanyon template used pure CSS. In this upgrade, I changed it to scss. Therefore, the current template is easier to maintain and customize. All the configuration that are relevant to style is in _config.scss.
  3. Support multilevel menu. The sidebar currently support multilevel menu (however only 2 levels supported).
  4. Better _config.yml. Now _config.yml contains more configuration options. People can get what they want without dive into the code.
  5. Many more…

The source code is https://github.com/codinfox/codinfox-lanyon.

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